bookmark_borderTandoori & Naan Stall, Ampang

My one night stay at Corus Hotel did not include dinner. Not wanting to splurge on Japanese meal at Komura in the hotel which is known for its buffet and unique ambiance, I decided to drive out to a destination where I had been longing to try.

Ampang Tandoori and Naan Stall

… and that destination was none other than a stall which is said to serve delicious tandoori chicken and naan bread. It is situated opposite of Ampang Point (across the main road) and the stall is sharing the vicinity with other food stalls. Unlike other hawker places which I have been to, you are free to sit at any table and order anything from those stalls and they will serve you without any objection.

Tandoori Chicken in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

This particular stall (some called it Arumugam Tandoori & Naan) has been around for years and with its specialities, they only serve a variety of naan breads, tandooris and masala dishes. If you are craving for roti, you can proceed to another stall… which I did to order a piece of roti pisang.

Famous Tandoori Chicken in Ampang

Apart from the roti pisang, the food didn’t take long to arrive. First up was the tandoori chicken (RM5) and butter naan (RM2). Slightly charred at the edges, the meat was pretty flavourful albeit dry (for the breast part). It is definitely better than any other regular mamak stall at your neighbourhood… unless you are near to Pak Putra in Malacca.

Naan Bread in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

The butter naan was surprisingly thin… thinner than I usually had at other places. But it was not as thin as chapatti. Nonetheless, it was still fluffy soft and fragrant from the overdose of melted ‘butter’ on top of the naan.

Roti Pisang and Chicken & Beef Satay

Crispy with loads of sliced banana hidden beneath, the roti pisang was pretty good. The chicken and beef satays (from other stall – RM9 for 10 sticks) were rather ordinary. The peanut sauce was wee bit watery and lack of kick.

Jalan 5,
One Ampang Avenue,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Business Hours : 630PM – 1AM

GPS Coordinates : 3.157158, 101.750274

bookmark_borderWantan Mee Stall Along Jalan Kuchai Lama

What makes a good plate of wantan mee? Is it the noodles? Is it the mixture of the dark sauce? Or is it the side ingredients such as the wantans and the roast BBQ pork that makes people coming back for more?

Wantan Mee Stall

I’ve been patronising this stall for more over a decade. It’s rather nostalgic at times when I eat at this place because this stall used to be and still is the source of my late night suppers (and sometimes dinner too). It’s a family business whereby the mother will do all the cooking while the sons and daughter take orders.

Wantan Mee

What sets apart from other stalls is the egg noodles they use. Consistent and spring-y, these (handmade) noodles are mixed with a concoction of dark sauce, light soya sauce, pepper and a lil lard. It’s good but it’s even better when, on your lucky day, the father takes the role. I guess experience does play an important role in it.


Usually (and always), I’d order their wantans instead of BBQ pork. Not too small neither it is big, these cute lil wantans consist of minced pork and ‘zhou hau yu’. I wouldn’t mind to eat them on its own.

Chicken Satays

While you are it, checkout the stall nearby that sells satay too. Although they are not as famous as the overly-famous Kajang satays, they are better than some I’ve tried at other places. The meat was a lil dry on that day. Perhaps, they overcooked it. The peanut sauce (sorry, no photo of it) was not diluted as it was thick and filled with a decent amount of chopped peanuts. Priced at RM0.60 (for the chicken), a minimal of 8 sticks is required for an order.

So, tell me. What makes a good plate of wantan mee?

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