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I can’t really figure out why I did not visit Sentosa Island even though I’ve been to Singapore countless times. I did plan about it many times but yet, they failed miserably due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Spread

Anyway, now I’m glad to say that I’ve finally been there on my most recent trip to Singapore… and I doubt I’ll be going back there (Sentosa Island) again unless I’ve got NBTD. :P

The Resort

With various modes of transportation, going into the island is kinda easy. One of the best ways to go is by using their Sentosa Express, somewhat like a monorail. Their station is situated inside of VivoCity shopping mall. And now that they accept EZLink card as another mode of payment, it makes heck a lot easier as we don’t need to purchase ticket over the counter. And that’s how I got my ass into that island.

The Merlion

The first stop was Imbiah Station. Upon exiting from the station, one could see The Merlion. Yes, the lion head with fish body. It’s huge… really huge compared to the one near to the Esplanade. To have a good overall view of it, you have to cross to the opposite of the road. But I’m too lazy on that day. Hehe.

Tiny Steps

The weather on that day was alright for those who hates sunlight. It was cloudy yet hot and humid but the sky was all dull and grey, not so pleasant for photographers, I would say.

Images Of Singapore

The Islands

There are 3 main beaches; Sisolo, Palawan and Tanjung. We took a shuttle bus (The Sentosa Bus), which is free btw, from Imbiah Lookout to our first beach stop, Sisolo beach. Or you can opt to take a walk… a very long walk.

The Trees

As expected, the beaches were clean while there weren’t many people as it was a weekday. From Sisolo beach, to get to other beaches, it’s kinda easy as there is Beach Tram readily available.

Coconut Tree

Amongst all the beaches (in Sentosa Island), the least crowded one on that day was Tanjung beach. Unsure what’s the reason behind it, I felt like it was kinda empty and there was ongoing construction works.

The Sea

Our last stop was Palawan Beach. It is situated in between Sisolo and Tanjung beach. There, one can stand on the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (and also Asia’s closest point to the Equator). At that point, facing out the sea, there were nothing but cargo ships.

The Sand

There were quite a few things to see and it is ideal for those who wants to enjoy the beach yet do not want to travel far. There are a couple of activities but we did not want to waste any money nor we were interested to do so.

The Tower

Overall, we took about three hours or so to stroll around Sentosa Island before we headed back to VivoCity for free air-con. :P

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