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Yuzu, as I always portray it, is a Japanese fine dining restaurant in The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City. From the entrance to the dining area to the counter bar, there’s Japanese essence embedded in the decoration in each and every nook of the restaurant that lightens up the dining mood. It is also a class above the rest when it compares to other Japanese restaurants like Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Tei.


If it weren’t for this post, the chances of me dining in this restaurant are close to zero as the price range does not really go well with my wallet. Besides, it has been awhile since I last had shabu-shabu. Hence, the choice was imminent when I was in The Gardens Mall for dinner on one rainy evening.

Yuzu Promotion Banner

For RM98++, it’s all you can eat affair/promotion for pax of 2. One gets to choose between beef and/or fish (salmon and yellowtail). Apart from those, a plate full of vegetables and a bowl of udon are given. Yes, they are refillable too!

Steamboat Broth / Soup

The broth was light and simple when it came to our table with a portable stove below it. Be warned that there are a couple of sliced lemon peels in it to freshen up the soup. So, if you don’t fancy those (peels), do remove it before you begin your cooking process.



The heaps of vegetables (cabbages, enoki and shitake mushrooms, carrots and spring onions) were fresh while there were a couple of beancurds.

Sliced Beef

The beef was thinly sliced and hence, it required a quick dip to get it cooked nicely without getting too rubbery. Fish meat was not picked during the meal and hence I’m not too sure about the freshness of it. But I guess they are as fresh as the sliced beef.

Dipping Sauce

I like their dipping sauce particularly as it was nutty, salty yet slight bitter aftertaste. It went very well with the cooked meat.

Oyako MakiOyako Maki (RM18)

Apart from that, we ordered Oyako Maki (RM18). It came in three sushi rice wrapped beautifully with sliced fresh salmon and topped with tobiko of different flavours.

Yuzu Shabu Shabu Set

In total, my friend and I consumed 13 plates of sliced beef, 3 plates of vegetables and half bowl of udons… and of course, the Oyako Maki. All of those in less than an hour. I reckon we could do more damage but we were not in optimum condition on that day. But you should look at the waitresses’ facial expression when we were asking for more beef within minutes after the previous plate of beef has arrived. LOL! I’m not sure how long does this promotion last but I guess you should try it while it’s still on.

Address :
T236, 3rd Floor,
The Garden,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number : +603 2284 7663 / 2284 7763

bookmark_borderSupper At Plus One Shabu Shabu, Jalan Barat

After relentless persuasions and annoyance invitations by my friend, I gave in and decided to have a go at this shabu shabu thingy. I’ve first heard of this steamboat affair since last year and this hype has plastered all over the internet by now and yet, I did not bother to try it at all.

Plus One Shabu Shabu

As you all may know already, shabu shabu is steamboat with a twist. Unlike the ordinary steamboat you usually see/go for, in shabu shabu, a mini hot pot is placed right in front of you. In it, you get to choose your own personal choice of broth and that hot pot is for your own use only.

Table Arrangements

The place that I went was like any other restaurants. The tables were placed close to each other due to the limited space and the ambience was alright. Maybe it was late at night and there weren’t many customers.


Besides, there were a couple of round tables to cater larger group (about 10 pax). At the centre of that round table, there is a place for large pot for everyone’s usage (just like the ordinary steamboat).



This restaurant offers a wide variety of sauces. I couldn’t remember them all but there were more than 5 types on that day. All I could remember was the chili padi was fresh and really spicy. I didn’t get to try them all but some were quite good (to go with beef meat). Besides, they have some garnishes at the same sauce counter.


If I could remember correctly, there were about 18 types of broths. I didn’t know which to pick and so, my friend recommended me Pork Bone with Corn broth. I went with his words due to the fact that recommendation is always the best thing to go for.

Pork Bone

Besides, I doubt anything could wrong with the usage with pork bones and corns. My other friend picked Shark Bone broth. There were  a couple of corn cutlets in it and a huge pork bone. You can to order additional plate of corns if you want to.

Tea Cup

As for the main dishes, my friend handled that section as well. It didn’t take long for the dishes to arrive. I had hard time snapping all the foods while asking my friends to wait. Even the boss of the restaurant was there at sight. It was really uncomfortable with all the eyes staring at me and the food!!

Ribeye Steak

These are ribeye steak, so they named them. But to me, they are just thinly sliced beef meat. They were good as the flavour was intact. Besides, I get to cook the meat according to my liking.

Pork Meat

Apart from the beef, my friend ordered pork too. As you can see, there is a thin layer of fat intact with the meat itself. It took awhile to cook them as the meat was rather thick. But the outcome of it was good as there weren’t any horrible pungent pork smell (unlike some places). Besides, I’m not sure how to describe this, the fat was… bouncy(?).

Fried Bean Curd

Fried Fish Skin

As for ready-cooked items, we, or my friend, ordered Fried Bean Curd and Fried Fish Skin. The curds were good but they were on the salty side. It was so salty that I had to order Coke to counter the salty-ness. The Fried Fish Skin was mediocre only. Nothing to shout about. It was good enough to be as snacks.

Homemade Beef Balls

Homemade Pork Balls

Balls weren’t spared either. There were 3 types on that day (but there were more in the menu). From the colour/outlook of it, the red ones were Homemade Beef Balls, the pinkish was Homemade Pork Balls and the pale white ones were Homemade Shrimp Balls. There were 4 of them in each plate and they were made of different ingredients.

Homemade Shrimp Balls

At first, I didn’t know how to cook them. So, I left them inside the broth quite awhile before eating them. But rule of thumb said that as long as they are floating, then they are cooked. But for safety precaution, please make sure the inside is warm before consuming them.

Wanton Dumplings

These are Wanton Dumpling. They were huge and tasty. But then again, it took awhile to thoroughly cook them.

Bean Curd Puffed

We also ordered  Bean Curd Puffed (weird name, I know…). When they were cooked, they were really chewy. I didn’t like them as they have the ‘fried oil taste’, if you know what I mean.



For every RM50 spent, customers were entitled to purchase a plate of prawns, fish or crab at RM1 each. Being greedy, we bought a plate of prawns and crab. The prawns were fresh but not so for the crab. But we can’t complain much since they only cost RM2. Hehe.


Apart from those cheap seafoods, we tried out the scallops. I felt that it was rather small size, as big as 50 cents only. To cook it was relatively easy; 30 seconds or so.

Mango Pudding

Last but not least, the desserts. They were offering herbal jelly or mango pudding for free. I picked the latter. The taste… let’s just say I took one spoonful and offered the rest to my friends.


We ordered eggtarts as well. The tarts were alright as they were freshly baked upon request/order, which is a good point. However, they were that good as told by my friend and there are better egg tarts out there.

Plus One Shabu Shabu

Overall, it was great experience for first timer like me. I like the fact that they offer different variety of dishes and the staffs were helpful. As of I’m writing this, the restaurant is open up to late midnight; i.e. 2 to 3 am. I might visit them again but just snack/supper only as it might be costly to dine there for dinner.

Address :
20.22, Jalan Barat,
Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No.: 03-2148 0322


Plus One Shabu Shabu Map
*Blue circle denotes the location of the restaurant

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