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A while back, my friend asked me to do a simple product shooting for the company he is working for. It sounded exciting at first. But as reality kicks in, I began to wonder whether I should do it as I don’t have any experience at all. I have absolutely zero knowledge on how to shoot a product, what equipment I should have, how I should angle it and so on.  But in the end, I did it for the experience.

Dockers Bag

A couple of reads from the net, I have managed to assemble a simple D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) lightbox for the said product shooting. Though some said that it might lose some details, I chose to have white background instead of black one.

D.I.Y. Lightbox

Besides, it is easier for me to build with white mahjong papers. Having said that, we did face a little problem when dirt started to surface.


I have read a lot of guides saying one might need to use table lamp for good lighting position. An extra flash might be useful, but with limited resources and all, I had to make do with whatever I found on that day. Besides, I always believe in using natural lightings. As you can see from my Canon Speedlite 580EX II post, those shots were produced with natural lights.

Harley Davidson

It was kinda tricky to get good lightings as we did the shooting in a office lot. We got lights coming through from the window but it was not sufficient at all. At times, shadows appeared on the photos and sometimes, they were underexposed. I had to start repositioning and recomposing to get a better photo.

Hugo Boss Bottle

PA Journal

Overall, it was pretty good experience as there were a couple of things I learnt from that day. Though I spammed alot, the photos you saw in this post are the ones I managed to salvage from. LOL.

bookmark_borderRest And Relax

It is this time of the year whereby those who celebrate Chinese New Year will be running around doing visits from one house to another. Let it be relatives’ house or friends, it is the ‘thing’ to do during this festive season. You get to eat tons of cookies, mandarin oranges and drink gallons of packet drinks, beers, whisky and wines. Best of all, you get to collect ang pows (or red packets) from your relatives or married ones.

Ang Pows

Ang Pows

However, I took a different approach this year. Instead of doing visits, I decided to stay at home and rest. Instead of going relatives’ house, I decided to have an easy life for a week. I took an addition of 3 days off right after the Chinese New Year. Theoretically, I got 1 week off including the Chinese New Year holidays. My friends have been cursing me because of my so-called long holidays. *evil laughter*

Well, part of the reason I took these annual leaves is to clear my annual leaves before my employment contract expires (14th March 2008). And the remaining reason is for me to really rest at home and to do some errands. I managed to get the fat car fixed (after what it did to me during Chinese New Year’s Eve) and get my Nokia N95 slider fixed. They (Nokia Care) replaced the faulty one with a new slider. It is pretty tight right now during sliding motion. Besides, I went to an opening ceremony of a new company which will be under my friend’s management in Damansara Perdana.

Sourcez and Trendz

Taken using Nokia N73

On top of that, I get to have my precious sleep (literally) and consumed delicious foods that I have been craving for a long time. Besides, I get to spend more time with my camera, managed to increase the shutter count and get to know my 50mm lens more. But of course, all of these comes with a price, that is the laziness to go back to work and the extra weight that I gained over a week. Oh well, for me, it is well worth it..

So, what did you do during Chinese New Year?

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