bookmark_borderSometimes, Temptation Doesn’t Work At All

“Come out! Come out! Come ouuuttt!” My friend sounded like a 8 year old kid demanding for an ice cream.

“No. I want to sleep.” I answered.

“I’ll treat you Starbucks.”

“Not tempting enough.” Trying to sound firm with my answer.

“Fine. I’ll treat you supper. Deal?”

“Keep going. I’m listening.” I replied just to keep the conversation alive.

“I’ll treat you your favourite food. Er… What do you like to eat?”

“Heh. You don’t even know what’s my favourite food.”

“Fine. I’ll buy you few pairs of BBQ Chicken Wings.” My friend ran out of ideas already.

“Don’t want. Good night.”

“I hate youuuu…” Just to make me feel guilty, which failed miserably.

“Like you always do.” I replied nonchalantly.

“Bluuerrghh…” My friend hung up. That’s the last word for the day.


It’s one of those days when I’m so bloody exhausted and refused to go out. Yes, I actually willing to trade free food and / or drink for some private time for myself and some rest / sleep.

bookmark_borderMalacca Trip In 8 Hours

On one fine day, out of sudden-ness, I packed my (camera) bag and off I went down south; the historical land of Malacca for a short visit again.

Melaka Town Square

Upon arriving, I made my way to the city to stone there to for a walk. I took these…

Duotone St. Paul's Church

Melaka River

Proclamation Of Independence Memorial

1 hour later, I stopped by at Jonker 88 and ate this…

Durian Chendol

While stoning inside Jonker 88 shop, I snapped this…

Olden Stairs

Right after that, I met up with Jason and we drank this…


… while waiting for Jian so we could have dinner together. We ate here and by 8pm, I left for KL. More pics at my Flickr

-The End-

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