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Sun Set

This photo was taken when I was on short getaway last weekend. Quality wise, it’s not the best photo I have during the trip – heck, it’s not even good technical wise – as I didn’t bring along my DSLR and tripod. What I had with me was a small compact camera just so that I could just take some simple photos while truly enjoy my break. With visible noise appears in the photo, I’m not surprised at all as it was shot handheld at ISO800. Yes… I really don’t give a hoot about those pesky noise (bite me, you noise freak!)

What I enjoyed most during that moment is the serene feeling while watching the sun set. It’s something that I’ve been longing for since my Langkawi trip. Something to keep my sanity in check. And I can’t wait to be back there again… just to be in peace for a while.

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