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I wrote once about my previous trip to The Hand Burger. And since then, I’ve been visiting ’em everytime I’m in Singapore. It’s their burgers that I fell for…

The Hand Burger, 313@Somerset

Their soft fluffy homemade burger buns, addictive special mayo and most importantly, the uber delicious burger patty. What’s there not to like about their burgers? Sure… the size of the burger ain’t the biggest. But the quality is there to stamp its mark.

The Works Burger

The Works (SGD$11.80) is the burger I would normally go for. It has the whole package to be a good burger. Thick juicy patty, crispy bacons, fresh vegetables such as lettuce and sliced tomato, and sunny side up egg waiting to be burst.

The Works Burger

To hold them in place, they use a wooden skewer. Topped with their special mayo, they are then placed on homemade soft fluffy buns. Eating the whole burger possesses a tough challenge but it is totally worth to get messy with it.

Ice Lemon Tea

With additional charges, you are entitled to a set meal that comes with one of their selected side orders and a drink.

Creamy Mushroom Soup

One of their selected side orders is Creamy Mushroom soup (SGD$5.50). Adequately thick, it was alright with good amount of various mushrooms such as shitake and button mushrooms in it.

Calamari (Squids)

Another side order their Calamari (SGD$7.80). Unlike any other fried calamari that I’ve eaten, the crispy batter was a mixture of herbs and spices making it rather aromatic and tasty. The squid rings were huge and fresh with a bite to it.

Chunky Fries

One thing you shouldn’t miss is their Chunky Fries (SGD$4.80). Crispy and tasty, you can literally forget about your carbo diet temporary. It’s worth sacrifice for these thick potato cuts.

The Hand Burger, 313@Somerset

There are a few branches in Singapore. I used to go to the one in Raffles City Shopping Complex. But as of late, I’ve been visiting the one in 313@Somerset… with unknown reason. The ambiance is about the same for both of the locations / outlets so as the crowd. Writing this post makes me miss the awesome burger again. Sigh…

Address :
313 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238895.

Telephone Number : +65 6509 6214

bookmark_borderLunch At The Hand Burger, Raffles City Shopping Mall

Located opposite of Aerins, this newly opened (close to 3 months old) restaurant, with unique name and cool simple environment, caught my attention when I was strolling around in Raffles City Shopping Mall. What more is that the concept of The Hand Burger is somewhat familiar to The Daily Grind in Malaysia.

The Hand Burger

A quick scroll through their menu, one would notice that the list of burgers isn’t as extensive as compared to other restaurants. However, it is safe to say their list / menu is designed sufficiently to fit (almost) everyone’s tastebuds. Ranging from beef to chicken and vegetables to pork, they serve gourmet burgers using freshest ingredients. Yes, you heard me right. They do have pork burger. Pork!

Lychee Mint Crush

With recommendation, I picked Lychee Mint Crush as my drink. Now… I don’t usually like my food / drink to have mint taste / flavour in it. So, it was a risky choice at first. But after the first sip (and each subsequent sips after that), I tend to like it very much. The faint taste of the mint coupled with the blended lychees, it was really refreshing and soothing. Each sip makes you crave for more.

The Works Burger

For main course, The Works Burger was my pick. Combination of 180 grams of sirloin beef patty, cheddar cheese, sunny side egg, fried onion rings, basil pesto mushroom, garlic mayo and sweet onion jam, in my opinion, it’s really delicious.

The Works Burger

The patty was moist and wasn’t overcooked while their homemade sauce went well with the burger. On top of that, the bun that they used wasn’t those ordinary ones from outside.

The Works Burger

If I’m correct, they specially made these buns to be used for their burgers. It was soft sweet and nice.

Straight Cut Fries

On the side, I took straight cut fries over stuffed tomato (with coleslaw in it). It was nice and crispy. Their sweet chili sauce (not in the photo) was equally good as well.

The Hand Burger

Overall, from the menu to the dining tables and chairs to the food presentation, they defined their way of running a food joint and I think it is a good thing as they managed to separate themselves from the rest of the usual food joints. My first dining experience with them was pleasant as their staff were attentive and helpful. And the chance of me going back there is high as I want to try their pork burger.

252, North Bridge Road,
Singapore 179103.

Tel. No. : +65 6334 4577

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