bookmark_borderStarbucks In A Bottle

Stumbled this bottle in Jusco Mid Valley shopping mall. Curiosity kicks in and hence, I grabbed a bottle and paid RM11.90 for it.

Starbucks Bottle

From the side, it looks like it is imported since it has Korean language written all over it. I’m not surprised as I found it in Korean food section. Besides, I wondered why do they have it in bottle form (other than marketing purposes) since you can literally find its outlet in almost every major shopping complex.

I had high expectation since it is by Starbucks, so they say. However, it did not turn out as good as the bottle looks. It is too rich with milk till it makes you think that you are drinking diluted condensed milk rather than their famous coffee with milk. Judging by my odd taste, there is only 25% of coffee ‘scent’ and 75% of milk in it. Even the Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffee tastes better than this and it only cost a fraction of the said ‘bottled’ coffee. It is rather too sweet for my liking and hence I drank only 2/3 out of the full content. The remaining 1/3 goes down the drain.

Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffee > Nescafe 3-in-1 > Starbucks bottled coffee

It’s true.. It’s true.. There are two flavours; original coffee and Mocha. You can differentiate both of those by looking at the content colours; darker ones are Mocha flavour while lighter ones are original coffee with milk. Boy, I couldn’t imagine how sweet it is for the Mocha flavour. I dare to say that the sugar content makes me keeps me awake rather than the caffeine from the coffee.

Starbucks cap


This is probably the first and last Starbucks bottled coffee for me as I couldn’t find a reason to purchase it again. Besides, it does not justify by the price and taste compare to those you purchase at their chain outlet.

bookmark_borderTo Be A Good Salesman

Once, my friend said to me that in order to be a good salesman, you gotta learn it from the chaps in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur.

Regardless true or not, one has to see it to believe it. The way they promote their stuff, the way the reject your offer, they way they counter your offer and the way they give their final price, it is rather amazing to how they work their way to earn a living.

Anyway, one important point that a good salesman must not discard is to be courteous at all times. You must respect decisions made by customers regardless whether they are interested in the product you are promoting. Needless to say, it is how you present yourself that closes the deal rather than how great your product works.

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