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2 weeks back, me and my friends went to this Thai restaurant called Celadon in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur for dinner. It is situated at the highest floor, same level as Angus Steakhouse and TGiF.


And the casts were :









While waiting for the food to arrive, I took these :




Wine Cellar


Upon entering the restaurant, I did not have this Thai-feel due to the arrangement and settings of the restaurant. As shown above, the restaurant adopted simple yet modern design rather than what you normally see or get in other Thai restaurants. With all the sofas and pillows lying around, it somehow projected the ‘make-yourself-at-home’ feeling instead. And yes, the chair freaked me out due the printed face. Hehe.

The food did not take long to arrive…

Tom Yum Soup

Extra Spicy Tom Yum Soup

No Thai meal is complete without having their Tom Yum soup. Celadon offers two type; clear or milky (coconut milk based). Upon ordering the soup, I cheekily told them to bring their spiciest soup they have from the kitchen. Oh boy, they did not fail me at all. Ladened with chili padi (tons of it) with its seeds in it, the soup, filled with prawns, mushrooms and lemon grass, was indeed an extra spicy one. I told my friends to try it which they did but they did not bother to take a second sip. It did numb my throat for a while which was a good thing because I was having sorethroat at that time. I can barely feel the pain after downing the soup. Hehe.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Pineapple Fried Rice

I guess it is a norm to order Pineapple Fried Rice too whenever one visits a Thai restaurant. The portion was alright as it could possible share among 4 adults with two or three spoonful each. Prawns, cashew nuts, mixed vegetables and pineapple, the rice was cooked to perfection. Sadly, the dish was not warm enough as though they were pre-cooked even before customers order it.

Green Curry Chicken


Green Curry Chicken and Pita Bread

Yet again, another famous dish by Thai restaurants. Celadon offers either beef, chicken or homemade fishball filled with eggyoke. Yes, you read that correct. Fishball with eggyoke in the center!! Unwillingly to take the risk, we opted for the safest choice; that was Green Chicken Curry. Chicken chunks, eggplant, onions and other vegetables in it, I’m not sure whether it is normal or not but I found it rather sweet to my liking. Some of my friends said that green curry chicken was supposed to be sweet. Oh well, I just went with the flow.



Mango Salad

Mango Salad

I did not have the opportunity to taste the Mango Salad as the portion was rather small. But, from what I saw, the salad must be good as it was gone in quite a short while. As for the crabstick, it was normal with nothing to shout about. The good thing was that it was not entirely made of fish paste, which could typically found in other places. Suffice to say, at least 80% of it were crabmeat while the rest were fish paste.

Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Steak

Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Steak

Since we are carnivores, we needed more meat. Hence, we tried their Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Steak. This has got to be one of the best black pepper steak I’ve ever eaten. The meat was tender but not overcooked/chewy. Not too sweet nor not too overpowered with black pepper, the sauce was prefect to go along with the meat. There were around 6 to 7 small pieces of beef, I don’t think it was enough especially when there were 5 adults there.

There were 2 more dishes like Phat Thai and Kangkung vegetables but the (photo) shots were horrible. Most of the photos turned out blur so I didn’t bother to put up in here. I struggled alot while getting the shots above because the lightings were very low. I was forced to use ISO 1600 most of the time to get decent shutter speed. Thank god, I managed to capture a few or else, I’ll be stabbing myself.


Another thing to note is that you are forced to order bottle of mineral water instead of they providing free flow of chilled water. I’m not sure how much the bottle above costs, but I’m sure it would be 200% more than what you can get in supermarket. It would definitely be not enough especially when you are about to experience spicy Thai food.

Overall, the food and service were good. The attention to the detail was alright but I guess they could improve further on the soup. No, I’m not talking about the spicy-ness. I’m talking about the taste wise as it has this vague Tom Yum taste. Besides, they should serve their food warm rather than luke-warmish.

bookmark_borderGuys & Jewellery Shop

It is weird when two guys go into a jewellery shop to buy a gift. It is even weirder when both of them praising and chatting how beautiful the one they have chosen, which goes along like these…

“OMG.. That looks great”
“Yeah. I like that too”
“Hey, come over here…. This one is better”
“Gosh.. You are right. This is fantastic”
“It looks classy and elegant. What do you think?”
“Yeah. You’re right..”

Best of all, the sales assistants assume that the guys are buying for one another.

And I know how it feels like because I was in that situation with my friend, Julian, a couple days back at Tiffany & Co. in Pavilion. They were chuckling all the way. Gosh.. they thought we were ………. *speechless* Anyway, they didn’t stop until we told them the gift was for a friend of girl. 

Lesson of the day : The moment you step into those shops, first thing you must mention is “I’m looking for a gift for a girl”. Or even better, try to drag a friend of girl along with you.

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