bookmark_borderIn Taiwan – Day 7 (Part 1)

Kenting, which is situated at the very south of Taiwan, has nothing but sand, sea and rocks (and not forgetting humans too). They even have a dedicated shop/house/centre to provide information about rock/sand formation.

Sand Centre

IIRC, there is only one main road whereby all the shops are located at. But, having said that, I’ve only one word to describe Kenting; beautiful. Here’s the reason why…

Information Counter

Wooden Steps


Kenting Lighthouse



… to be continued

bookmark_borderIn Taiwan – Day 6 (Part 3)

… continuation


Right after the temples by the lake/pond, we went to Love River. Nothing spectacular to mention about this bridge except for the lightnings on the surrounding of the bridge and as well as the sides of the river.


A couple of shots (including group shots) and off we went to another place for a cup of coffee (and to chill).

Illuminated Trees

Illuminated Building

It used to be a British Consulate but now turned into a museum which exhibits some old British antiques. At the same time, there is cafe, named Pulsate, outside which caters foods and drinks.

Illuminated Trees


We had some drinks and Doriyaki while chilling out (more like resting). About 45 mins or so, we headed back to Liu He Night Market to grab our dinner.

Mango Juice

Pork Rice

This time, we roughly knew what to eat and where to get them. So, there weren’t anything new except for the rice above.


And yeah, we went back to our favourite fruit juice stall. Somehow, we treated it like a ‘yam cha’ place. Hehe. Oh yeah, the picture above depicted how much we drank per sitting.


We ended the day quite early as we need to head to another destination tomorrow.

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