bookmark_borderShort Updates #1

To start it off, I did a lil fine tuning (back-end) on my blog. Removed a couple of things here and there. And I’ve changed my web domain to something simple. It’s easier for me to tell people my web address compared to previous one. So, remember to update your feet feed with mah new address!


Although Macbook’s design is a beauty, I kinda getting bored of it. Hence, I’ve decided “tattoo-ed” it to make it different / funny. Nice?

Hotel Maya

2 months ago, I submitted a short writing about my Sabah trip to NST for a chance to win something. And walla… my article was selected!


Fast forward to few weeks later, my prize (a gift voucher) has arrived. It is a free 2 days 1 night stay in Hotel Maya.

Hotel Maya

But there’s one thing… I am staying in Kuala Lumpur now. What am I suppose to do with it? Hhmm…

Last but not least, there are a couple more posts about my Langkawi trip… and other food stuff to be published. So, please do return to read about ’em…

bookmark_borderIn Langkawi – Telaga Tujuh Waterfall (Seven Wells Waterfall)

Telaga Tujuh

I heard and read that there are seven waterfalls. Each of them flows from one pool to another with the last one rushes 90 meters down into the final pool. That’s how the name; Telaga Tujuh Waterfall (also known as Seven Wells Waterfall) derived from.

Telaga Tujuh

It takes about 10 minutes drive from the Oriental Village to reach to the base of Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls.

Telaga Tujuh

From then on, the torture begins. But before that, you need to know that the wells / pools and the 90 meter waterfall are of different spot.


Straight up, one needs to hike up about 400 meters (or more) up via stairs to reach up to the wells.

Steep Steps

Although you are surrounded by nature, the journey to the wells isn’t as relaxing as you think it would be.


It is friggin’ S-T-E-E-P. I kid you not.


Up there, there are viewing deck and changing rooms (if you wanna get wet / soak yourself).

Telaga Tujuh

One can relax or soak their tired filthy feet into the cooling nature water. The water was considerably less than usual due to dry season.

Seven Wells

Seven Wells

After doing my usual ritual (taking photos, mind you) and sucking up the breathe unpolluted fresh air, off to the waterfall I went. Walking towards the waterfall is only 10% difficulty compared to the journey to the wells. The inclination is less steep and you are going downwards rather than up.


And again, due to the dry spell, the waterfall was a lil dried up.


Last but not least, when you are at Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, do beware of monkeys. If you feed them food, you are asking for trouble.


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