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With tourists flocking along the popular street of Ao Nang day and night, it’s no surprise to see that the street is being peppered with restaurants serving foreign cuisines. Cuisines such as Italian, Swedish, Mexican, Indian and etc. can usually be found every 100 metres (or less) away from one another.

Hawker Stall, Krabi

However, this post isn’t about these swanky restaurants. As the title states, it is about hawker stalls. The ones that can be found every nook and corner of the street selling unpretentious simple affordable local food such as fried rice, noodles and finger foods. The ones that make most people think twice about dining at the roadside especially those who are hygiene freaks.

Hawker Stall, Krabi

Although there are only a handful of them, it is not difficult to spot them. They are usually opened for business during the day and/or night. The choices of food maybe a lot but they are more or less the same genre.

Hawker Stall, Krabi

Despite their shabby uninviting appearance, there’s nothing to be afraid of as they are quite friendly as long as you get your orders clear and precise. Menus (in English) are usually placed at the front of their stalls for customers’ reference.

With a mere 100 Baht, it is sufficient to get you a decent dish to fill your stomach, a drink to quench your thirst and some snack food to munch while walking. I kid you not.

Garlic Chicken Rice

A simple stir-fry dish such as above will set you back 45 Baht. Chicken cubes being stir-fried with garlic, shallots and other seasonings, and then placed on a bed of white rice, it is as simple as you get. Or maybe you can opt for a plate of fried noodles or rice which cost more or less than same price.

Snack Foods

Snack Foods

If those main meals aren’t your thing, maybe you chould try their snack foods. Sausages, fishballs, crabsticks, fried beancurds, meatballs, fried prawns and etc are placed at the front of the stall for selection. I didn’t manage to try those but I reckon they should be alright and affordable too.

Snack Food

Finger Foods

Besides those, pancakes are commonly found everywhere. They might be mistaken for its similar looks compared to Malaysia’s Roti Canai or Singapore’s Roti Prata, but they are more or less identical to one another in terms of taste wise. They are usually served with wide variety of fillings such as banana, honey, strawberry jam, peanut butter and chocolate, or the more weird ones like chocolate with tuna. The list of the fillings can be really long and to choose from the list can be a daunting task but to be on the safe side, always go for the banana with chocolate sauce. You can’t go wrong with that.

Banana Chocolate Pancake

Banana Chocolate Pancake

Generous fillings of the sliced banana wrapped in dough and then pan-fried, these pancakes are a joy to eat as dessert or snack food. Sloppy and deliciously sinful, it goes really well with chocolate or honey syrup.

Banana Chocolate Pancake

If you intend to go all out to spike up your sugar rush, you may opt for sweetened condensed milk as additional topping too. The ones I had were alright but if you are lucky, you might stumble upon a stall that pan-fries its pancakes till crisp. A simple one costs 30 Baht.

Iced Tea

While you are at it, do try their drinks especially the fruit shakes. They are very common in Krabi and they are widely available at hawker stalls and in restaurants. I’ve tried a few but my favourite wasn’t the fruit shakes. It was their Iced Tea that won my vote.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea

It is thick, milky, full of (tea) flavour and sweet and it is usually served with lots of ice in it. A medium-size cup will set you back 30 Baht or so. It was that good that I had two cups in single sitting.

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

While these are usually available during the day, it is a different ball game at night as some hawker stalls I saw were selling grilled stuff in addition to stir-fry foods. These ‘heavyweight’ stalls usually come out at night and they are located in front of McDonald’s. So, do try out some of these stuffs if you are an adventurous person or a foodie who loves to explore local food culture.

bookmark_borderIn Krabi – Azzurra Italian Restaurant

It was our first night when we passed by this restaurant as we were strolling along Ao Nang beach. Then, it was packed with customers that we were determined to make a visit the very next day or so. As they say, if a restaurant is packed with patrons, the food should be good. That’s what we thought.

Azzurra Authentic Italian Restaurant

Located along Ao Nang beach, it’s hard to miss this restaurant as it’s one of the better decorated restaurant – with table and chairs arranged in orderly manner. What’s more was that their environment was comfy with warm lightings donning in the restaurant.

Azzurra Authentic Italian Restaurant

We arrived rather early as we were at Ao Nang beach to witness the sun set. Since we were their first customer of their dinner service of that day, we got to pick our sit according to our liking and the waitress handed out their thick extensive menu.

Azzurra Menu

Their menu consisted of bruschettas, pizza and pasta. But there were other dishes as well such as steaks, salads and seafoods. Having tough time deciding what to eat, we looked at their menu before opting for something simple.

Coconut Shake

Iced Tea with Lime

Priced at 100 Baht per drink, they – Young Coconut Shake and Fresh Lime Iced Tea – were refreshingly good for warm weather.

Ravioli con Panna e Proscuitto

We were rather disappointed with the portion of Ravioli con Panna e Proscuitto (340 Baht). The tiny raviolis were compact and dense with pork filing in it. The rich cream sauce was delicious with imported hams in it. Only if the size of the ravioli or the portion was bigger, the dish was slightly overpriced.

Fruitti di Mare (Seafood Pizza)

Topped with decent amount of ham and seafood such as prawns, mussels and squid, Frutti di Mare pizza was alright. At 300 Baht, it was at reasonable size – about 8 inches. Due to their mediterranean style / flavour, the tomato based sauce was slight creamy than usual with slight tang to it. Like how a pizza is served in Italy, it came uncut that we had to slice it on our own according to our needs. But sadly, the pizza dough was tough / chewy and hence we had tough time cutting it. My friend commented that the dough was like a cold piece of pita bread. Heh!


Tempted by the ‘Homemade Tiramisu’ written on the chalkboard inside the restaurant, we went ahead and ordered one portion.

Homemade Tiramisu

At 160 Baht, the so-called homemade dessert was just edible. It fell short of what’s to be called a tiramisu. The coffee-soaked cake texture was rough while there was lack of mascarpone flavour in it. It’s essentially a normal cake with cream on it. Thank goodness I’ve got no high hopes for the dessert.


The bill came to 1000 Baht (on the dot). I didn’t particularly like the dishes although the ravioli was alright. The pizza dough fell short although it was ‘thin crisp’. The service was slow as it took awhile for our food to arrive although we were the first to order when there was no other customers in the restaurant at the moment. Oh well, we should have had less expectation since we were at tourist hot spots.

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