Marché Mövenpick, 313@Somerset

Marche, 313@Somerset


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Swiss Rosti with Pork Sausage and Sauteed Mushrooms

Swiss Rosti with Pork SausageSwiss Rosti (SGD$5.98) and Coarse Pork Sausage (SGD$7.29)

Sauteed MushroomsSauteed Mushrooms (SGD$5.23)

Savoury Crepe filled with Ham and CheeseSavoury Crepe with Ham and Cheese Filling (SGD$12.99)

Ravioli with Minced PorkRavioli with Minced Pork Filling (SGD$15.79)

Banana Pancake with Strawberry Ice CreamBanana Pancake (SGD$7.85) with Strawberry Ice Cream (SGD$5.05)

Bundaberg Australian Root BeerBundaberg Australian Root Beer (SGD$4.58)

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Marche, 313@Somerset

Foods were devoured and photos shown were taken during mid March 2011. The food, as usual, were good although I personally think they were meant to be shared amongst a group due to huge variety under one roof. Nevertheless, Marche is one of my favourite restaurants to go to (in Singapore) despite it being a lil on the high side (price wise). All prices stated were excluding tax. And ironically, I’ve visited Marche in Singapore more than the one in Malaysia.

Address :
313 @ Somerset,
313, Orchard Road,
Provisional Unit No. #B1-39-46,
Singapore 238895.


  1. marche at singapore was where i had rosti for the first time ever … maybe more than a decade ago! so in that sense, it’ll always hold a special place in my memory, heh :D

  2. Sean : That’s really long time ago! Haha.

    mimid3vils : Er… I think so. Either that or I took them without being noticed. Hehe.

  3. sg’s marche always in a long long queue.
    i had once try the rosti and cheese fondue in marche malaysia. love it! til the next visit, the cheese fondue was discontinued and the rosti was no longer that great. sigh

  4. ai wei : Yeap. I always go there before the peak hours. I only tried Marche Malaysia once and I prefer the one in Singapore. Hehe.

  5. I myself just came back from Singapore with my friends and it was my first time being there. My friends brought us to this wonderful restaurant and it was simply amazing. The food was delicious and have a variety of choices to choose from. Rosti is the best, in my opinion. By the way, it was not allowed to take pictures of the places but I did managed to snap some photos before being stopped.

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