Restoran Zhung Kong Dim Sum, Setapak

Restoran Zhung Kong Dim Sum

Restoran Zhung Kong Dim Sum

Restoran Zhung Kong Dim Sum

Pork NoodlesPork Noodles (RM5.00)

Siew MaiSiew Mai (RM3.30)

Prawn DumplingHar Kow (RM3.80)

Char Siew PauChar Siew Bao (RM1.30 / piece)

Prawn Rice RollPrawn Chee Cheong Fun (RM3)

Preserved Egg MaiPreserved (Century) Egg Mai (RM3.30)

Fried Prawn RollsFried Prawn Roll (RM4.30)

Coco Sweet Corn PauCoco Sweet Corn Bao (RM1.10)

After digging and browsing through my old archive, I noticed that I’ve yet to write about this place; Restoran Zhung Kong Dim Sum. I’ve no idea why I missed it but maybe it’s the food being forgettable that made part of the reason as they didn’t impress much. While it is said to be famous amongst the folks living around that area, in my opinion, the dim sum was just mediocre at best with passable marks. Visual wise, Siew Mai and Har Kow (prawn dumplings) were alright but the skin (of the latter) was too thick compared to normal translucent standards. That can be said too for the Prawn Rice Rolls (Prawn Chee Cheong Fun) as the rice skin was as thick (if not thicker) than the ones found in Har Kow. The chili oil, however, did provide some kick to the dish albeit not a fiery one though. Coming from a corn lover, I didn’t like the Coco Sweet Corn Pau as it tasted as fake as I could remember. The bun itself was dry and has powdery aftertaste while the sweet corn filling was a disappointment. And surprisingly, for a dim sum joint, they do serve pork noodles too… and boy bad mistake it was. The bowl of noodles was light in flavour despite good amount of pork and lards in it. It lacked of the distinctive taste of a good bowl of goodness. The only saving grace for the (breakfast) meal was the Fried Prawn Rolls. The wrapped skin was crispy with ample prawns within it. Nevertheless, being overwhelmed with lots of misses than hits, I didn’t really like the overall affair. But then again, maybe it’s just me who thought so. So, try it out and tell me what do you think.

No. 17, Jalan Bunga Kantan,
Off Jalan Genting Kelang,
53000 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. i’m no dim sum expert, but i’ve never seen Preserved Century Egg Mai before. kinda unusual, no? (feel free to tell me it can be found everywhere and that i’m just an ignorant chinese, hehe) :D

  2. Sean : Nah… It was my first time spotting it too… although I’m not a big fan of century eggs. Haha.

    Robin : It’s something unique but tastes ordinary. Haha.

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