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Whilst having a day trip to Ipoh is a good idea, staying in Ipoh for a night (or two) is even a better idea especially for those (like me!) who are there for food binging session. With that in mind, I stayed in Ipoh for a couple times with limited budget allocated for hotel stay.

French Hotel, Ipoh

Fairly new hotel with only 4 four floors, Hotel French is strategically located along Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, within walking distance (technically speaking) to some of the famous food joints like Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah, Aun Kheng Lim Baked Salt Chicken, Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau and etc.

French Hotel, Ipoh

Some might loath at the idea of staying in hotel that’s operating in shoplots, but the fact that they are clean and well furnished, simplicity and trendy make the stay cosy.

French Hotel Lobby, Ipoh

I liked how inviting the lobby was as it was brightly lit with natural lights during the day and by night, it’s still pretty bright. The check-in process was simple and quick with mandatory RM100 as deposit. Besides that, I was able to request for early check-in, a plus point since I don’t really like the 3PM check-in rule. Free parking is available for in-house guests and hence, it is best to check in before heading to the parking lot nearby.

Basic Necessities by French Hotel

Dressing Table


In the compact room, basic necessities are provided; bottled water, coffee and tea. Other items such as kettle, safe deposit box and hair dryer are also there but the only thing that is missing in the room is a refrigerator which I didn’t really care of. Although there is no LAN network port (for internet junkies), the hotel provides free wifi for its hotel guests, albeit a weak signal.

Bedroom of French Hotel, Ipoh

The bed is adequately large yet comfortable but boy, their pillows are even better!

Bathroom of French Hotel, Ipoh

French Hotel Toiletries

The bathroom is simple yet clean. And like any other hotels (unless those really bad and dodgy ones), toiletries are provided as well. Any extra toiletries (by request) will be charged accordingly.

Shower Room at French Hotel

Due to space constraint, there is no bathtub but I loved the big ass rainfall shower head and the water pressure was constantly strong during my stay.

Jose & Deli Eatery


There’s a new eatery at the first floor; Jose & Deli Eatery, which is quite nice but slightly overpriced, in my opinion. I had their tiramisu cake for RM15. It tasted good but the portion didn’t justify the price they were charging.

French Hotel, Ipoh

For a price around RM150++ for the smallest room (you could get lower rate if you book early), I don’t have complaints about this hotel. It was comfortable stay and best of all, it was clean and cosy. Though there are abundance of hotels in city centre… and I have not personally tried all of them, I can vouch that Hotel French is probably best bang for your buck. And no… I didn’t get paid to say those words.

Address :
60-62, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar,
30300 Ipoh,

Telephone Number : +605 241 3030

GPS Coordinates : 4.5978994, 101.0834026

bookmark_borderIn Ipoh – Yong Suan Coffee Shop

Whilst my trips to Ipoh are as much as to Penang, my write ups about it have been rather abysmal. Not that there is nothing to write or nothing to see or eat but somehow, I spent very little time in Ipoh compared to Penang… until recently when I stayed there at least one night. Therefore, I shall be dedicating next few posts about Ipoh… or more like the foods I ate and place I stayed.

Yong Suan Coffee Shop, Ipoh

So… let’s kick off with one of the famous stalls in Ipoh. Located along Jalan Yong Kalsom, the standalone stall in Restoran Yong Suan serves nothing but Nasi Kandar; one of the better ones if I may add. Fondly named as Nasi Ganja due to its addictiveness as claimed by the locals and tourists, the rules of engagement are simple. Displayed at the station are varieties of curries, fried dishes and vegetables. Pick what you want and feast on it while the other staff will do the maths for you. The very basic items you get are some sliced cucumbers and okras.

Patrons at Yong Suan Coffee Shop

It is said that the coffee shop is packed with loyal (and new) patrons during peak hours and getting a place is close to impossible. But as they said, it’s worth the wait for something that’s tastes good. Thankfully, during my recent visit, the coffee shop was half filled as I was there during the mid morning. The coffee shop itself was spacious and airy and like any other typical coffee shops in Ipoh, it exhibited the old rustic charm of olden days with its unintentional decors, tiled floors and walls.

Nasi Ganja at Yong Suan Coffee Shop

A plate like above will probably cost around RM5. The rice was drenched in various curries to give the known wicked aroma and flavour while the dollop of curry paste gave extra omphh to the already delicious meal. The fried chicken was alright; well-seasoned and tasty.

Dishes at Yong Suan Coffee Shop

So… does it worth the wait? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I wouldn’t mind going back again and again to try other dishes like ayam merah and sotong. Price wise, it’s slightly higher than your ordinary meal at hawker stalls in Ipoh but it’s almost the same standard as Kuala Lumpur.

Yong Suan Coffee Shop,
2, Jalan Yang Kalsom,
30250 Ipoh,

GPS Coordinates : 4.592661, 101.084669

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