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Before turning off at Ayer Keroh exit, we made detour and travelled further down south to the quiet town of Tangkak. It is the northern part of Johor, close to the state of Melaka. It takes about 20 minutes by car from Ayer Keroh toll to reach to the heart of town. It is famously known as the ‘fabric town’ due to the abundance of cloth shops.

Jia Jia Bah Kuet Teh , Tangkak

However, that said, we weren’t there to buy fabrics. No… we were there for one thing and one thing only that is to feast at Jia Jia Bah Kuet Teh. It is said that this stall is famous amongst the locals and probably the best of them lot…. in Tangkak.

Jia Jia Bah Kuet Teh, Tangkak

The shop was spacious yet clean and despite of the size, most (if not all) tables were taken when we arrived at about 10AM. However, we did not need to wait for long to grab an empty table and order our dishes. We did not have to wait long either for our food to arrive as they were served within 5 ~ 10 minutes.

Bah Kuet Teh by Jia Jia, Tangkak

Being blessed to reside in Klang Valley with abundance of delicious bak kut teh especially the ones from Klang (like Teluk Pulai or Pao Xiang), plus I did not have any expectations at all, I was surprised by their version. Served in claypot, it has the usual suspects in it; pork ribs, belly, stomach, intestines, mushrooms, beancurds and a handful of chopped romaine lettuce. The meat was a-okay but I did not like the intestines because I felt like they were not washed properly and hence, the texture and taste. But that aside, the soup was delicious, intense with Chinese herbs and pork essence.

Yam Rice by Jia Jia Bah Kuet Teh, Tangkak

Pickled Vegetables by Jia Jia Bah Kuet Teh, Tangkak

The yam rice was just under par; bland and mushy but I was told that it is usually quite alright compared to what we had on that day. The pickled vegetables were normal; perfect to whet your taste buds but the braised chicken feet were amazing!

Braised Chicken Feet by Jia Jia Bah Kuet Teh, Tangkak

Despite being on the sweet side, these collagen-packed feets were moreish. It was an easy eat as the skin fell off the bones easily. The chopped garlic and chili gave a slight kick to the dish. We had two portions while contemplating on the third.

Bak Kut Teh at Jia Jia, Tangkak

The overall bill was RM32 with a pot of tea. We wanted to drop by another shop for wan tan mee but we were too full that we decided to skip it all together and travelled back to Melaka. Besides that, prior to this, we bought some pork buns which may have contributed to our filled tummy.

Address :
38, Jalan Kemajuan,
Off Jalan Payamas,
(a road opposite the Post Office)
84900 Tangkak,

GPS Coordinates : 2.272898,102.544702

bookmark_borderIn Ipoh – Kedai Makanan Loke Wooi Kee 乐会居茶室

Kedai Makanan Loke Wooi Kee 乐会居茶室

Within walking distance from Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah and Hotel French, the only reason I drop by this coffee shop whenever I’m in Ipoh is because of its ban jian kuih (麵煎粿). Loaded with crushed peanuts and sugar, this kiuh is pretty decent compared to what I usually have in Klang Valley.

Ban Jian Kueh

Unlike the other version which is thin and crisp, this one has a thicker batter which resembles a lil bit like sponge cake and a crisp outer layer. A piece would cost around RM0.70, which pretty reasonable due to generous fillings.

Kedai Makanan Loke Wooi Kee 乐会居茶室

But on further inspections/reading/searching, little did I know that this coffee shop has pretty decent food as well. That’s when I decided to give it a try while having my ban jian kiuh at the same time.

Ipoh Sar Hor Fun

The Ipoh Sar Hor Fun (RM4) was pretty good although my vote still goes to the one at Thean Chun. The prawn-based broth was robust yet savoury. As usual, the flat noodles were of Ipoh standards. And there were good amount of shredded chicken meat and prawns.

Hakka Mee

The dried Hakka mee was pretty good too. Toasted in light soya sauce, onion and sesame oil, the noodles was a joy to munch due its springy texture. The bean sprouts was a typical Ipoh trademark; fat, crunchy and juicy!

Fried Food

Prok Balls

The fried stuffs were just alright, nothing to shout about. A plate of noodles with 5~6 pieces would cost around RM7.50.

Address :
Kedai Makanan Loke Wooi Kee 乐会居茶室
26-28, Jalan Mustafa Al-Bakri,
30000 Ipoh,

GPS Coordinates : 4.595325, 101.083735

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