bookmark_borderMap’s, Bandar Sunway

The recent long weekend/holiday came at the right time. It was perfect period to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. It was also a good time to explore new places and try new things and food. For me, I did the latter as I was eager to try this place; Map’s which is located in Bandar Sunway.

Map's, Bandar Sunway

I was eager because 1) they serve breakfast at early hours and 2) they serve porky breakfast at ungodly hours on weekends. As I usually have a habit (and I blaming it on my biological clock) to wake up early even on weekends and holidays, I like places/restaurants/cafe like this as I know the mass crowd hasn’t woken up yet let alone crowding the restaurant/cafe.

Map's, Banday Sunway

The place was relatively quiet when we were there. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as it was closed to 9AM on a Sunday when we arrived and there were ample of parking lots outside. The service was prompt; simple, straightforward menu was shown and orders were taken within 10 minutes.

Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino and Hazelnut Milk

The drinks arrived first; Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino (RM10) and cold Hazelnut Milk (RM8). I liked that they asked beforehand whether I would like my cold coffee to be sweeten in which I gladly said yes. Served in a tall glass with chocolate swirls, it was filled with cubes of coffee and milk. The overall taste was pleasant and mildly sweet yet the presence of coffee shots was there. The milk, on the other hand, was refreshing; easy to drink with subtle taste of the flavoured syrup.

Porky Pancakes by Map's, Bandar Sunway

Two breakfast meals were chosen on that day. Their Porky Pancakes (RM15) was served first. The presentation was simple and clean. It was multi layer of goodness; egg, pork bacons, roasted potatoes and pancakes. The sight of wobbly sunny side egg was enough to get my appetite kicking in full gear. The mixture of savoury bacons coupled with the sweetness of maple syrup worked well while the creamy liquid of egg yolk brought together the crispy, fluffy cubed potatoes and pancakes.

Breakfast In Bed by Map's, Bandar Sunway

The Breakfast In Bed (RM19) came within minutes after the pancakes. Beneath the pork bacons were cocktail sausages and roasted potatoes while on the sides were nicely cooked egg on large crispy toast, baked beans and sautéed mushrooms. The platter itself was decent. I liked the toast with the egg though I wished there were two eggs instead of one.

Gula Melaka Cotton Cheese Cake by Map's, Bandar Sunway

To complete a wholesome meal, dessert is a must regardless of the time. And Gula Melaka Cotton Cheese Cake (RM11) we ordered. The size was bigger than I thought it would be and with that, it was worth the price. Layers of gula melaka, mild cheese concoction and desiccated coconuts complemented each other though the taste of each component was rather subtle and it wasn’t overly sweet.

Overall, the experience was satisfactory. I got what I wanted; a good meal in a quiet ambiance on a quiet weekend. I got to give credits to them for executing/cooking the eggs perfectly. With this, my list of porky places has grown, so… yay!

9, Jalan PJS 11/2,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

GPS Coordinates : 3.072574, 101.602261

Business Hours: 830AM – 6PM (Wednesday – Monday)

bookmark_borderIn Penang – The Royale Bintang Penang Hotel, Weld Quay

If there’s one important thing to do during holiday planning, it would be booking an accommodation as early as possible. I’d usually do so a few weeks before my holiday in order to secure a good deal as well as stay in the hotel that I’m comfortable in.

The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

But… unfortunately, no thanks to my spontaneous nature, I didn’t do so for my last Penang trip. I had so little time to search and secure my usual ones (hotels) that I had to look for another one. But with much luck and a quick search (and perhaps memory), I managed to secure a room via a hotel booking website at Royale Bintang Penang with pretty decent rate.

Swimming pool at The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

The hotel is relatively new with a rather historical touch on the exterior of the building and it’s quite visible along Weld Quay. One would be mistaken it for a refurbished old building if it wasn’t for the signage. And yes, they are under the same group who manages hotels of the same name in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara, Seremban and Terengganu. I recalled seeing this hotel when I was having my usual, awesome nasi lemak bungkus during my previous trip.

Front Desk of The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

The front service was kinda patchy on that day. I couldn’t blame them since they were relatively new. The check in was rather fast and easy. The staffs were friendly and helpful. But to my dismay, the room wasn’t ready and I was told that it would be ready in half and hour. Needless to say, I had to wait for another hour (plus a few gentle reminders to them) before I could get the room key.

Lounge at The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

Smoking Room at The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

Welcome drinks were provided and were served at the bar lounge. I liked the setting of the lounge with big screens behind the bar. There’s dedicated smoking room with a huge projector TV in it too.

Deluxe Room by The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

The room was bigger than I thought it would be. I suspect that they gave an upgrade since they can’t find my details in their system. So, instead of Superior, I got a Deluxe room. The room was fully furnished and carpeted.


Room amenities

It may look rather classic visually, but the room was fitted with modern furnishings and furniture like contemporary switches, digital air-con controller, LCD TV and etc. The room has king size bed, lounge chair/sofa and dressing/working table all spaced out on each corner of the room with the large bed in the middle of it. Though there’s no LAN port for internet connection, but free WiFi was available in the room as well as around hotel vicinity to all hotel guests.


The wardrobe has all the expected appliances and amenities; safe deposit box, mini fridge and ironing board hidden behind the doors. Kettle, coffee, tea and four complementary bottles of water were placed neatly on one side of the wardrobe for easy access.


The bathroom was well stocked too. Hand towels, facial towels, floor mat as well as bath towels were pressed, folded and placed in allocated compartments and around the bathroom’s vicinity. The toilet has its own separate area directly opposite of the standing shower area. There was no bathtub but I didn’t mind at all. I was particularly glad that it has big shower head with good water pressure at all times. Toiletries were pretty complete; shower gel, shampoo, soap, cotton buds, toothbrush and etc.

Dining venue at The Royale Bintang Penang, Weld Quay

The breakfast venue was held at ground floor. The venue was lovely but the spread wasn’t impressive but it was sufficient to fill up hungry guests.


Overall, the stay was comfortable. The room was quiet at all times. Though they were friendly, the service of the staff could be improved further. Free parkings were provided to hotel guests but they’re quite limited. Vicinity wise, they’re quite close to food outlets and cafes, which is a plus point.

No 1 & 2, Pengkalan Weld,
10300 George Town,

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