bookmark_borderQuick Guide To Terminate TM Unifi

I have just terminated my Unifi service and switched over to MaxisOne Home Fibre broadband due to affordability. Whilst the procedure was quick and simple, the wait at TMPoint was pain-in-the-ass.

Here are quick steps if you intend to switch to MaxisOne Home Fibre broadband and terminate your existing Unifi service for whatever reason.

  1. Subscribe to MaxisOne Home Fibre broadband.
  2. Complete the installation of new broadband service.
  3. Settle your Unifi bill.
  4. Proceed to TMPoint – check with TM Customer Service on outlet availability as not all cater termination request.
  5. Bring along the pink service form provided by Maxis installer after they have completed the installation. This is to prove that Maxis is using TM’s BTU unit. Without this pink form, they will insist of you returning the BTU/modem to them.
  6. Complete the termination form provided by TMPoint counter.
  7. Termination request should be completed within 24 hours.

bookmark_borderMissing Photos on

You may be well aware that almost all of my photos are currently missing on this site.

This is due to Photobucket which has recently changed their Terms and Conditions about 3rd Party Hosting which essentially includes blogs and forums.

So… please bare with me for awhile with the photo-less blog contents while I search for and switch to other photo hosting site for my photos. It is going to take awhile due to sheer amount of photos I have on this site but I will resolve this as fast as I can.

Thanks for your patience.

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