bookmark_borderSometimes, Being Sarcastic Helps

My friend was trying a pair of shoes and showed them to me. “What do you think? Nice or not?”

“Looks weird to me.” I said.

“What weird?” She looked at me.

“It makes your feet looked… chubby.” I spoke honestly.

“Don’t be so truthfully, can or not?” She stared at me.

I could see her free hands raised up as though she’s about to land a 10-hit combo on my arms. “OMFGWTF! You should buy it wei… It looks damn kaw good on you!”

“Okay. That’s damn fake.” She laughed.

“You’ll regret for life if you don’t buy it. For life! Buy it!!” I added sarcastically.

My friend’s speechless. She puts back the shoes and walked out the shop. She didn’t bother to ask for my opinion for the rest of the night.

bookmark_borderBut I Can Make Them Speechless Too

Over a dinner, our conversation was as such…

“I can’t believe you did that!” Joyce said.

“Huh? Did what?” Not knowing what she was trying to say.

“Sitting at a bus stop for (close to) 1 hour!! Nothing better to do, is it?!”

“Well… On my defense, I was waiting for bus no. 14e. I didn’t know it will take that long to arrive.” I replied.

“Well, you can take bus no. 14, you know. It’s the same with slightly longer traveling period.” She said without taking a breathe. “And I can’t believe you sat there, did nothing, looking at the sky for that long! The sky in Singapore very blue, is it?!” She added. I sensed her tone like I did something wrong.

“It was windy and cooling la. Besides, it was raining. That’s why I managed to sit there for that long.” I replied while struggling to change to another subject.

“And what you did after that?” She was curious.

“I looked at the sky. It was gloomy as though it’s going to rain anytime soon. So, I walked across the street and took a bus back home.” I said with a grin on my face.

“What the crap?! You waited at a bus stop for one hour. You did nothing and you went back home after that?!” She laughed but I saw her speechless expression after that. “You seriously nothing better to do arh?!”

“Yeeessshh! I went back home and watched television. A cable t.v. in front of my comfy couch-cum-bed in an air-conditioned living room, you know. Dun play play…” I smiled.

“…………..” She decided to change topic right after that.

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