bookmark_borderIn Cameron Highlands – Rosette Café, Tanah Rata

Though we could go for another round of steamboat, we were not really in mood for it. Hence, a quick good search has brought us to this place in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland.

Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

Locating Rosette Café was quite a chore. We roughly knew where the café was but we still had to look out for it. Without a proper signage, I had to rely on photos posted on the internet to search for it. The only landmark that I managed to spot from the photos was the Ambank.

Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

Despite its small space, the café exuded relaxing ambiance with tables and chairs arranged close to one another. The menu was pretty extensive. It has probably more than 50 dishes covering from rice to noodles, eastern dishes to western meals. The café also served steamboat too… pretty much a common thing for restaurants in Cameron Highland.

Drinks at Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

Nothing wanting to go full on, we opted for something simpler; their dinner set meal which consists of bread and butter, soup, main (western) meal and a drink. There were two sets and we went for both; Set Meal A (RM16.50) and Set Meal B (RM18.50).

Soup and buns at Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

The food didn’t take long to arrive although the café was half filled. The warm buns were quite tasty, went well with the knob of butter. The mushroom soup, however, was pretty much run of the mill.

Black Pepper Steak by Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

The black pepper steak (Set Meal B) was pretty tender. But due to their seasoning of sorts, it somehow has the sweet taste after each bite. I didn’t really like it but I didn’t hate it either.

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce by Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

The chicken chop with mushroom sauce (Set Meal A), on the other hand, was pretty good. The chicken was well marinated and deep fried to perfection. The skin was crispy while the meat was still juicy; pretty good to eat it on its own even without the sauce. The mashed potatoes on the side was probably of those instant ones; nothing to shout about.

Rosette Cafe, Cameron Highlands

For the price we paid for, I guess they were quite affordable. The portion was alright and the service was okay. We left the café feeling just right, enough space for a cuppa and dessert.

Address :
No. 42A, Jalan Besar,
39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

bookmark_borderIn Cameron Highlands – Restoran Hong Kong, Brinchang

There are plenty of restaurants in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. So much so that we had a little tough time picking which to dine at. We wanted to go back to this restaurant but decided against it in order to try something new.

Restoran Hong Kong, Cameron Highlands

We walked quite a bit before choosing Restoran Hong Kong which is facing the main road. We wanted to have steamboat and after asking the price (RM18 per pax), we found that they were quite reasonable and decided to go ahead.

Restoran Hong Kong, Cameron Highlands

It was still early when we were there and so, it was quite empty. This particular restaurant is operating a hotel too, right above it. We were given the option of either to go with the charcoal style or electrical hotpot way. Although there were three types of soups, we were only able to select one (we went for chicken soup) since we opted for charcoal steamboat. You are able to choice two types of soups if you opt for electrical stove due to the build of the pot.

Charcoal steamboat by Restoran Hong Kong, Brinchang

It took quite a while for the items to be ready. I guess they needed time to get the charcoal burning before bringing it to our table. As always, the soup in the beginning, was bland. It has pieces of cabbages and wolfberries.

Steamboat produce by Restoran Hong Kong, Cameron Highlands

Fresh produces were presented in a pile of mess typical fashion. Chicken meat, fishballs, meatballs, beancurds, fish meat, prawns, mushrooms and vegetables were the norms.

Steamboat fresh produces by Restoran Hong Kong, Brinchang

On a separate plate, mee hoon, instant noodles and eggs were placed. It’s kinda odd that there was no sliced pork in it.

Salted Fish Pork Belly by Restoran Hong Kong, Cameron Highlands

Intrigued by the sight of salted fish pork belly photo plastered at side wall, we ordered a small portion (for RM18) as side dish. It took quite a while to arrive that we had to remind them a few times. It came in a claypot with pieces of sliced pork cooked in dark soy sauce, scallions and salted fish. The smell of it was appetising but somehow, the taste didn’t do much justice to the famed dish. The sliced pork was a little too thick, rendering it tough upon cooking them for too long.

The bill came up to RM58 including two drinks. The ingredients were fresh but somehow, the shell of the prawns was hard. The chili sauce was a letdown, for me at least, because it wasn’t homemade/freshly made. In terms of the pricing, it’s quite competitive around the area. It is best to ask before agreeing to dine there to avoid any bill shock.

5, Jalan Besar,
39100 Brinchang,
Cameron Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

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