bookmark_borderOld Tricycle – The Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo, Taman Desa

Old Tricycle Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo has been around since the beginning of the year. Folks went gaga about this place even though it serves yong tau foo only. The interesting twist offered by this stall, to some many, is that you get to play grill your food at table side. And this is what got the crowd raved about this place in and out.

Old Tricycle - The Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo, Taman Desa

There were a few tables occupied when we were there at about 615PM. But what I heard from close friends of mine is that crowd starts to flock in at about 7PM. So, it was lucky for us to secure a table easily and got our orders taken within minutes. The menu was straight forward as there were ala cartes as well as set meals. It’s best to go for their set meals as you get best most of the items at affordable price.

Charcoal Pit

With the portable charcoal pit placed beside the table, you’re free to do whatever you want with your food but it is best to pay attention when grilling as they will turn to black carbon within minutes.

Yong Tau Foo by Old Tricycle - The Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo, Taman Desa

The yong tau foo with stuffing were coated with the same sweetish sauce. It felt kinda one dimension but that’s just me.

Fried Foo Pei by Old Tricycle - The Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo, Taman Desa

Curry Chee Cheong Fun with Pig Skin by Old Tricycle - The Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo, Taman Desa

If there’s one thing I like is the stuffed pork bacon because it’s bacon! We went for extra order as well as the crispy fried foo pei (bean curd skin). The curry chee cheong fun with pig skin was delectable.

Drinks by Old Tricycle - The Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo, Taman Desa

Overall, the experience was a-okay. The total bill including extra orders and drinks came to about RM53. We smelled like burnt moving objects after the dinner but we expected that to happen. Now with this off the list, it is time to explore Taman Desa further as it is just 10 minutes away from where I live.

No. 5, Jalan Brunei Selatan,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS Coordinates : 3.102769, 101.683553

Business Hours : 6PM – 11PM (Wednesday – Monday)

bookmark_borderBofe Eatery, Petaling Jaya

Tucked at the edge of SS2, there lies an eatery which is visible from the main road with its rather subtle yet eye catching signboard. It’s even more noticeable when you’re caught in the infamous traffic at the junction turning into SS2.

Bofe Eatery, Section 19 Petaling Jaya

Though it was just a glimpse at the edge of my vision, Bofe Eatery became my lunch venue on one fine Sunday afternoon after the unsuccessful attempt of entering into Section 17 for a hearty meal of banana leaf rice at you-know-where.

Bofe Eatery, Section 19 Petaling Jaya

Empty parking lots at this venue were aplenty on weekends but I guess that can’t be said on weekdays. Upon entering, you’ll be surprised by how laid back yet casual this cafe is with its interior designed and decorated with simple elements. The cafe itself was quiet as diners were behaving themselves rather than being obnoxious. But the ventilation could be better though as that typical whiff of fried oil was lingering within the vicinity.

Their staffs were well trained but somehow, there were lacking of interactions between them and customers. The menu was simple and clean, straight-forward and well categorised. It reminded me of the other overly famous cafe’s style but that’s not the point. Two drinks and two mains were chosen after looking through the menu.

Immunity Builder fruit juice and Iced Caramel Latte by Bofe Eatery

Drinks arrived first; Immunity Builder (RM 8) and Iced Caramel Latte (RM 9.90). The fruit juice was a concoction of orange, kiwi and grapefruit which made it loaded with Vitamin C and hence the name. It was sour though but understandable. The coffee, on the other hand, was pretty good. Adequately sweet, due to the caramel syrup, yet packed with coffee shot that made it what it was; a coffee drink.

Duck Penne pasta by Bofe Eatery

The Duck Penne (RM 16.90) was served first. Presentation wise, it was alright. The scent of the grated cheese coupled with the garlic whetted my appetite. It resembled and tasted like aglio olio as it was mildly spicy. The penne pasta was cooked nicely whilst the sliced mushrooms, sautéed duck and capsicums completed the rather balanced meal. It may look simple but it was really addictive.

Grilled Chicken chop by Bofe Eatery

Grilled Chicken (RM 16.90) came rather slow as we were half through the paste. My first thought; the portion was generous but they could use a bigger plate as it looked kinda sloppy. But that aside, the chicken thigh was pan fried perfectly; juicy yet tasty on its own without the accompanied rosemary sauce. I have to commend them as they didn’t beat the shit of it pulverise the innocent-looking meat to make it look bigger piece (and maybe to cook easily evenly). The chunks of potato wedges faired well too though some were soggy due to the sauce. The salad on the side, I didn’t eat those.

Isabelle hazelnut cake by Bofe Eatery

The meal was ended with a slice of cake named Isabelle (RM 8.90); a cylindrica-shaped hazelnut cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with strawberry-flavoured frosting. There were other cakes on display but I chose this because it looked pretty and I didn’t want something that’s heavy. So, Isabelle it was and I liked it though the cake was wee bit dry but saved by the frosting and jam.

Overall, the experience came out good. Their food was tasty and simple, the ambiance was pleasant and the service was alright. For such venue, I reckon the price was pretty reasonable. Other places would have charge more, I could bet on this. I liked this place. I liked the fact that they serve decent coffee and main meals. I would pick places like this over cafes that serve just coffee and cakes.

16, Jalan 19/36,
Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya.

GPS Coordinates : 3.118119, 101.626112

Business Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 1100AM – 1000PM
Friday – Saturday: 1100AM – 1100PM
Sunday: 1100AM – 1000PM

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