bookmark_borderIce Creams By Udders, Upper East Coast Road

With established branches at other places, Udders have opened a new branch along Upper East Coast Road recently. Pride themselves as the ice cream artist, Udders’s fresh, home-made ice creams with a touch of originality – is something that I’ve to agree upon.


I reckon it is quite famous amongst the locals as their current (new) outlet will be packed to the brim from late afternoon onwards. Being a sucker for ice creams, it’s no brainer whether or not I should give it a try…


Their interpretation of a classic Italian dessert… in ice cream form. Topped with cocoa powder, it was smooth, rich and infused with liquors such as brandy and cognac at the right amount.

Rum Rum Raisins
Rum Rum Raisins

Unlike others, this one has twice the amount of rum. It may not be everyone’s favourite, but I certainly love it due to the strong liqueur aftertaste.

Ice Creams

With the freedom to mix-and-match from three different ranges; Connoisseur, Premium and Classic, they are pretty reasonable price for the quality yet delicious ice creams they serve. IMHO, it’s safe to say that they are as good as those famous brands out there. Now that this shop is just right around the corner, I do not have to go to the city to have my dosage of Ben & Jerry’s.

Address :
87, Upper East Coast Road,
Goodwill Court,
Singapore 455223

Tel. No. : 6448 8732

Milking Hours :
Sunday – Thursday : 12PM to 11PM
Friday – Saturdays & Eve of Public Holidays : 12PM to 12AM

bookmark_borderEmpress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow, LTN Food Village

Upon glancing through my photo archive, I’ve just found out that I’ve yet to write about this which I had it long ago during my visit in Singapore.

Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow

Now that I’ve tried the one in Seremban as well as the one originated from Tangkak, I would say that both of them offer different style / type of beef noodles. Not wanting to give it a miss, I’ve decided to give this stall a try since I’m sucker for kinda like beef noodles in general.


Located inside of LTN Food Village (full address given below), it is just a stone throw away from where I usually bunk at whenever I’m in Singapore for holidays. The stall is plastered decorated with all the writings, news columns and etc praising about the food it serves; Teochew Beef Noodles. By this, I guess it’s enough to convince people how good it is.

Beef Kway Teow

Comes in different sizes as well as different ingredients, I opted for the usual one as shown above. Served with sliced beef and a lil minced meat, this bowl of noodles isn’t too shabby at all. Although the meat was thinly sliced, they were nice and tender while the broth/soup was sweet and nice as they didn’t go heavy on the soya sauce department.

Chili Sauce

Priced at SGD$4 (for a small bowl), and if you do not perform ur kiam siap calculation (a.k.a. conversion rate), it pretty affordable for the portion and the ingredients given. It opens from 10am till 10pm; a bummer for those people like me who loves supper. Now, it’s safe to say that I’ve another favourite hawker food in Singapore, apart from the Katong Laksa. :P

936 East Coast Road,
LTN Food Village,
Singapore #459129

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