bookmark_borderPrawn Mee At Jalan Rukun 4, Happy Garden

I’m supposed to write about this a year ago. But somehow, I’ve totally forgotten about it and the thought of writing this struck again when I visited this stall recently.


Though this stall situated 3 minutes drive from my home, I didn’t know about the existence until last year. And surprisingly, I came to know of this little stall from my parents who they learned to know from a relative of mine. Besides, I rarely pass by this road and so, it is hard to notice about this stall.

Stall Operators

This stall is operated by a couple and they do not have definite schedule on the opening days. But, I do know that they usually open on Chinese New Year and their price a lil more expensive compare to normal days. But their price is not as exorbitant as one could imagine. But hey, I can’t complain at all as I could get my fix on days where Chinese wouldn’t open stalls for business.

Prawn Mee

I’m an lazy arse, to be honest. So, I don’t usually go to Paramount Garden to grab the famous Prawn Mee from Restoran O&S (foodies should know where and what I’m talking about). This bowl of hot pipping Prawn Mee (Penang verse : Hokkien Mee) is one of the closest Penang versions I can get around my area. What I like about it is the way they cook the broth. They manage to retain the prawn flavoured and yet there is slight hint of pork lard in it. Besides, they provide large prawn and they aren’t overcooked/rock-hard. On your lucky day, they might offer you some ‘pai kuat‘ (pork bones/ribs) for you to chew on.

Chili Paste

Their chili paste goes well with the soup. Well, it supposed to be, anyway. You can add in to make it more spicy than normal. But the only downside is that the spicyness can reach to a certain level only.

Sugarcane Water

Besides this, one of the reasons I visit this place is for the freshly squeezed sugarcane water. A perfect way to quench one’s thirst.

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