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It has been close to a year since my last post about food… or in fact, anything else. So, I guess it is fitting to post at least something before year 2015 ends, just to keep this space alive for a little longer.

Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

We stumbled upon this place when we were searching for some nice restaurant to dine during our trip in Bali recently – just to celebrate some sort.

Jamie Oliver Books at Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

As the name says it all, it is by the renowned British chef although some reviews I read online said otherwise. As matter of fact, it is rather surprising to find this in Bali, Indonesia. Nonetheless, with all the surprising factors, it did not stop us from having a good time at this cosy place on one rainy afternoon.

Seating Area at Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

The service was great as the wait staffs were attentive, helpful and accommodating. The ambiance was cosy and quiet as there were not many customers during our visit. The dining area split into three parts; patio, indoor and first floor. We were seated at upper level.

Seating Area at Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

The menu was somewhat extensive yet keeping it simple with all key mains in it. Anti-pasta, appetisers, pasta, pizza and mains have at least three choices to choose from respectively.

Bintang Beer in Bali

We were famished as it was closed to 3PM when we were looking at the menu. And hence, we started off with an appetiser – crispy calamari… and cold Bintang beer.

Crispy Calamari by Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

The calamari was slightly over seasoned / salty but it went well with the lemony aioli. The batter was light and crispy while the thinly sliced garlic bits were addictive.

Tagliatelle Bolognese by Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

Italian Meatball Pizza by Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

The Tagliatelle Bolognese was good – the sauce was rich, meaty tomato-based topped with shaved parmesan. Although the crust of Italian Meatball pizza was nice and thin, the pizza itself could be better though as the meatball was rather tiny.

Rasberry Pavlova by Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach, Bali

For dessert, the Raspberry Pavlova was good as it was not overly sweet yet keeping the texture light and soft. It went well with the honey crumbles and raspberries.

I did not keep / have the breakdown of each dish but the overall meal came to about Rp750,000. I remember it clearly because it was rather pricey, I have to admit and it was most expensive meal we had in Bali. Nonetheless, the meal was good so was the ambiance and experience.

Address :
Jalan Pantai Kuta,
Banjar Pande Mas,
Kuta, Bali

Business Hours : Monday to Sunday – 12PM to 11PM.

bookmark_borderJam & Kaya Café, PJ Palm Sports Centre

This place needs no introduction anymore. It has been overly mentioned here and there about its food and ambiance as well as its elusive location.

Jam & Kaya Cafe, PJ Palm Sports Centre

The reason I wrote about this place was because I brought my camera along with me on this particular day for a special occasion. It hasn’t seen the day light for quite some time. And so, I guess it was appropriate to bring out before the year ends.

Latte and Iced Caramel Latte

For a non coffee connoisseur, the Latte (RM8.90) and Iced Caramel Latte (RM10.90) were pretty decent (more like above average). Besides that, they were priced well compared to other cafes/coffee joints.

Aussie Big Breakky

Their Aussie Big Breakky (RM22.90) was pretty hearty for breakfast. The plate consisted of scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, ham, crispy hash brown, sautéed mushroom, greens and two slices of bread. I liked the way they prepared the eggs with some chopped chives for some extra flavour. That said, the mushrooms could be better – perhaps cook a lil bit longer.

Jam & Kaya Pancakes

The Jam & Kaya (RM13.50) pancakes were awesome. The pancakes, decorated with sliced strawberries and blueberries, were adequately fluffy and light while the combination of kaya and strawberry jam was brilliant. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was sinfully good.

Overall, the meal was good. Coupled that with the calm ambiance and affordable pricing, I do concur with the statements made by (mostly) others that Jam & Kaya Café is indeed a nice place to dine… and it is slightly challenging to locate.

Address :
PJ Palms Sports Centre
No.1 Lorong Sultan,
46200 Petaling Jaya

Business Hours:
Tuesday – Friday : 10AM – 7PM
Weekends : 9AM – 6PM.
Closed on Monday

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